Bigger mission, bigger man

Bigger mission, bigger man. Man is created to have a mission. He is created to create something, to do something. He needs to sacrifice himself for bigger goals. He needs to fight for meaning. When man is on mission, he is unstoppable. Nothing can stop him. He can accomplish everything when he puts his focus on something bigger than he is. He needs to live for something bigger. When he is sacrificing himself for something bigger, he becomes courageous. All insecurities disappears. Doubts, fears, everythig disappears. When man doesnt have mission, he becomes like a little girl. Lost, confused, insecure, fearful. He feel worthless. Unless he starts living for something bigger, he will be disappointed deep down in himself. Bigger his mission is, the bigger man he is becoming. As his mission grows bigger and bigger, he as a person also grows. I see so many men today, lost, confused, insecure. They are in question, what is missing? My man, turn yourself from yourself, from your problems and doubts and your earthly satisfactions, and turn yourself to something bigger. Something that is bigger than you. Bigger than your insecurities. I told you, friend, you need to sacrifice yourself.

D.P. 18.1.2017.


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