Beautiful Rose

Once there was a big garden. A beautiful garden. In that garden, there was a tons of beautiful flowers. Every flower is beautiful in its own way. Some flowers are more beautiful than others, but every flower has some kind of beauty. They possess some kind of beauty. And every flower is satisfied and happy. Except one rose. That was a beatiful rose. The most beautiful rose in the whole garden. Such a nice shape, size and colour. She is shining. You would say, thats a very lucky rose. She possess a charm. It is so delightful to look at her. But why she is so sad? She has a every reason to be happy. God made her perfect. God gave her such a beauty that you want to look at her the whole day. And other flowers ask her:

Hey, you, beautiful Rose, why you are sad? You should be happy. Just look at your beauty. Are you aware of your own beauty? O, you, the most beautiful amongst all beautiful roses; why you are sad?

And Rose started crying. She answered:

Yes, I am aware of my beauty. My whole purpose is to be beautiful. God made me to be the most beautiful one. And God has a big garden. A very big garden. I am crying beacuse, soon I will disappear. No one will be able to look at my beauty anymore. No one will be able to admire me anymore. My charm will be lost. I have so much to give. By giving my beauty, I feel happy. But maybe even tomorrow, my beauty will be gone forever. I will lose my beauty. No one will remember me. I feel useless if I am not here with my flowers spreading my beauty. I have it and I will lose it. Thats why I am sad. My beauty has to come to the end.

And beautiful Rose continued to cry. All the other flowers were looking at her, admiring her, admiring her softness, her vulnerability, her pure heart.

D.P. 19.1.2017.


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