What is courage

What is courage?


Often times, we think courage is something big. It is when we do big and scary things. It is action. And we all have this extreme images in our head. But in reality, courage is simple as, stop smoking, stop hanging out with wrong people, stop eating so much, stop any kind of bad habit. This actions will give you a change. You must make a room for change. So courage is saying NO. Courage is getting rid of unnecessary things, people and habits in your life. It could be as quitting your job.


Courage is about making changes in your life. But not shallow, superficial changes, but deep changes. Courage is facing with things that you have been avoiding for years. Courage is permission to live life that you truly want, and that begins with saying No to life that you are living right now.

D.P. 23.3.2017.


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