Broken heart

Here I am, sitting with my broken heart. Wanting to say something important, but I dont know what. We humans really are complicated beings. But I am happy. I am happy, because when I look back, I can see joy and happiness. The hardest thing in life is to let go of people that you love and people that love you. To let go of friends. It is like a part of us is dying. Maybe this is nothing else but preparation for death, because death is nothing else but letting go everything. Letting go of good and bad things of this life. Now I finally understand something. We really are imperfect and life is imperfect. But when we learn to accept bad things, only then we can truly love and live. We need to accept the pain to truly enjoy the joy. Maturity is nothing else but full acceptance of life. When you look at the life, all you can do is: laugh! So, laugh my friend, laugh whole-heartedly, because there will come the moment when you will not be able to laugh anymore. I really believe that this planet Earth is a paradise. Look at the trees, rivers, mountains, flowers. Look at the Sun, look at the Moon. Look at the stars, look at the sky, clouds. Look everywhere, you will find beauty in every detail. Take a deep breath in, and explore, enjoy. Look at the ants. When I look at life, all I can say is: Wow!!! What a beautiful creation!

D.P. 12.4.2017.


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