It is ok to fail

It is ok to fail. I am failing all the time. It is ok to fall down. I am falling all the time. Failures are equal with victories. It is part of life. If you are avoiding failing, you already are failing because you are not living. You cannot avoid failures and setbacks. It is impossible. Most people are trying to avoid. I am 21. My whole life I was afraid of failure. Unconsciously. Unconsciously we are avoiding situations which can bring us to failure. At the age of 18 I started little by little getting out of my comfort zone. Now, three years later, I am beginning to realize, after many times I failed, that I am still alive and that I will continue to fail. But with each failure, I am becoming better. For the first time in my life, I am welcoming failure. I am open to failing. I am not afraid of failing, because each time I fail, I become stronger, better, smarter and more relaxed, because now I know that failing will not kill me. I would be ok, I know that. The only problem with failing is fear of it. And I had a big fear of it. Before, everytime when I would have successful day filled with joy and happiness, I wasnt able to enjoy that day fully, because all the time on my mind there was a feeling, yes, today I am happy, but tomorrow I will be sad. I cant prolong this feeling of happiness forever. Every time when I felt good, I was thinking, this will not last. And it was eating me alive. Anyone knows what I am talking about? Now I understand, this is life. One moment is good, the next moment is bad. And we should accept that. I dont want to say that I had reached enlightment and that I am peaceful all the time, but with realizing that failing is part of life, I become much more relaxed and I dont worry too much. Still, I am full of anxieties, doubts, insecurities, neurosis, but I can be relaxed this moment because I know that I will survive and that I will be ok. It is not that I love failing. I hate it. I just hate it so much. I hate when I have few victories and successes and I go on a ego-trip and then I fail. I just hate so much when I found myself powerless in certain moments. But I dont make so much noise about failure anymore. I dont pay much attention to it anymore.

D.P. 2.5.2017.


Thank you for reading! If you are poet or if you are writing in a poetic way, please feel free to contact me if you would like to build a community, do some projects, collaborations, masterminds or maybe just exchange ideas. Also if you want to suggest something to me or if you have any message for me. Thank you!


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