I am who I am

No more apologizing to anyone. I am who I am. Just like how you are who you are. Dont point finger on me. I know that to get along with me is not easy. But who can handle the worst things in life, he always deserves the best things. My heart is beating. I am alive. I have tried to change myself many times, but I guess I am who I am. Never again I will apologize for who I am, because every time I do that, I betray my heart. And my soul is hungry because I am repressing her. The more I repress myself, the more I feel like a mistake. A big mistake in this world. A failure. The more I let myself down, the more my soul gets angry and sad. It takes courage to trust yourself. Who doesnt have courage, his life is going to be a mistake. It is sad how many lives are wasted. People live in fear. People live in hopelessness. People feel like victims. They feel like life had betrayed them. All around they are looking for broken pieces. If they only had a courage to say: I am who I am.

D.P. 11.5.2017.


Thank you for reading! If you are poet or if you are writing in a poetic way, please feel free to contact me if you would like to build a community, do some projects, collaborations, masterminds or maybe just exchange ideas. Also if you want to suggest something to me or if you have any message for me. Thank you!



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