Life is my woman

Life is my woman. Woman that I will never fully understand. But she understands me, just like a good mature woman, she knows me. She can manipulate me. And I play all her games. I play how she wants because she is promising a lots of pleasure, just like a good woman. But at the same time, she is sucking my soul. She is playing with my emotions and desires. She knows that she can have me whenever she wants. Sometimes she even gives me a few moments when she makes me believe that I am a boss. Nothing is more far away from the truth. Do you know what is the worst thing? At the end she will kill me. She will take away all of my close people. But I still love her. Sometimes I hate her. I hate her so much, because I see what she is doing. She is like a spider and I am trapped in her web. I know she is killing me, but I still forgive her. I always fool myself that she will give me happiness and pleasure that she is promising. She is giving me enough pleasure so that I dont lose all the hope. And this hope is making me alive. Because of this hope, I keep desiring her. I pray for more. Whenever I feel her love, she stabs me with a knife in the back. And whenever I am bleeding, whenever I am hurted, she heals my wounds just enough to keep me alive so that she can stab me again. I am a slave of her will. Always on my knees, defeated, because it doesnt matter how much I am fighting, I am still losing. Life is my woman. The most beatiful lady from outside, but the most devilish from inside. She is my woman. She has no mercy. She will kill me before letting me know her secrets. She doesnt want to reveal to me anything. I will never understand her. She will betray me. I am going to die while she is going to live forever. But life, let me tell you something. You will never again have a man like me. I respect you so much. I love your every tree, rock, river. I love your Sun and your Moon. I love your butterflies, your flowers. I love you so much. Every centimeter of you. No one is ever going to love you like I did. But it seems that it doesnt matter to you. Sometimes you seem flattered because of everything that I feel for you. But you use my unconditional love as my weakness so you can exploit my emotions. In the end, I see that I am just like a bug. All the time you are making me feel special but you treat me just like every other bug. But as much as you dont respect me, I will always wait for you with my open hands and smile on my face, wanting to hug you my dear lover. I want to spend endless nights with you. Please, forgive me if I have ever hurt you, my one and only. I know that I am not your one and only, but in my dreams… Now I understand why we dream, so that you can manipulate us easier. You are drugging us. But I love your drug and I want to be drugged so hard by you. I am opening my heart, please take it. You are my woman, but my heart is yours.

D.P. 10.5.2017.


Thank you for reading! If you are poet or if you are writing in a poetic way, please feel free to contact me if you would like to build a community, do some projects, collaborations, masterminds or maybe just exchange ideas. Also if you want to suggest something to me or if you have any message for me. Thank you!


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