Appreciate your health. Sick person has only one desire

Yesterday I had a very interesting conversation with my friend. He told me a story about one guy that lost his leg. In that moment, I was deeply touched. I realized that we should be grateful for everything. It reminded me of that saying, that healthy person has a thousand desires, and sick person has only one. I was also reminded of one of my neighbour who lost his ability to walk during the war. He was saying that he always had a dream in which he is running. It makes me sad. We should really appreciate our health, and we should use our bodies more. Most people are spending most of their time just sitting. While you are wasting your time, someone would be so happy to have your healthy legs so that he can go outside and run, run, run and run. That he can jump, walk, move, climb. And you?You are wasting your energy on being angry at the whole world. Forget about your thousand desires and be happy that you have your health. Now go and run. It is beautiful to feel the freedom in movement.

Dario Ples 19.5.2017.



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