Intimacy with life

I am thinking, is everything in life a coincidence or is there a purpose to it? Or is it like 50-50? While we are trying to guess it, life is smiling at us. I think life wants from us to keep guessing and to search, seek and explore. Just like you, when you have interesting secrets about yourself, you want from other people to guess your secrets. You want them to investigate you. We all want to be investigated by someone. It is called intimacy. And life also needs intimacy. Life wants from us to be intimate. He demands relationship from us. He is like, I have cool personality, please investigate me, find out more about me. And while we are investigating the secrets of others, we become aware of our own secrets. We realize that we also have secrets. Life feels the best when we are searching for secrets. I am sorry for all the people who are trapped in their egoistical selfish minds. They are missing out so much. They are missing the greatest love-affair possible. Love with life. They are missing intimacy with life.

Dario Ples 18.5.2017.


Thank you for reading! If you are poet or if you are writing in a poetic way, please feel free to contact me if you would like to build a community, do some projects, collaborations, masterminds or maybe just exchange ideas. Also if you want to suggest something to me or if you have any message for me. Thank you!


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