Jesus was not a son of God

Jesus was not a son of God. First of all, I want to make clear, I dont have nothing against Jesus. I dont have opinion. How could I even have one when I have never met him? He is dead for 2000 years. They said he died for me. Hmm. Very strange. It is impossible that he could die for me. How did he knew that I am going to be born? Even my parents didnt have me in plan. If he was son of God, then why he wasted 30 years of his life? Only when he was 30, he started doing something with his life. First 30 years, he was fucking around. And he knew that he is son of God, he knew that his mother got pregnant by Holy Ghost. So, it is not that he later discovered that he is choosen one. He always known this. But then, why he was hiding for 30 years? He was probably too busy partying and having fun. Imagine, having a power to turn water into a wine. His life must have been fun. After 30 years of drinking and wasting his life, he decided to start doing God’s mission. If God gives me a mission, I would do it immidiately. Now, enough joking. My point is , even to Jesus, it took him 30 years to get insights, to develop understanding. He was not born with knowing everything that he knew. It took him 30 years to realize. So, he was clearly a human being, just like all of us.

D.P. 16.5.2017.


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