This soul

God has found this soul and God has tested this soul many times. The more God tested it, the more this soul started respecting God. This soul is growing. There are many souls who are not ready to accept the challenges of God. And you can recognize souls very easy. You can also recognize this soul. This soul is very private soul. This soul loves presence of God. This soul works in solitude. This soul is pure but in a world of dirty souls, it seems that with THIS SOUL something is wrong. This soul has been very unsuccessful in a world where souls are looking for social status and prestige. But this failure in a world of power, made this soul to realize a real importance of the needs of this soul. This soul is more and more giving up on desires of status, power and prestige, and this soul is finding happiness in non-material. This soul is generous and it is giving itself to the life and God. This soul is insecure but it is confident. This soul is afraid but it is courageous. This soul is hurted but it smiles. This soul is disappointed but it is happy. This soul is weak but it is strong. If you have never met this soul, you will never know what you have missed. Purpose of every soul is to become like THIS SOUL.

Dario Ples 26.5.2017.


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