Life is passing by while we are afraid to open our hearts. We dont trust our intuition, our hearts and our guts. We are afraid of vulnerability. We close ourselves. We try to protect ourselves. But for what? Why we are protecting ourselves when life is such an insecure journey? What we are trying to save when we will disappear very soon? Life is a dance. While trying to force moves, we forgot to listen to music and follow a rhythm. Trying to look civilized and respectable does not help in the dance. We fantasize about new, better tomorrow, we fantasize about the day when we are going to be happy, not realizing that today is day. All that we have been waiting for and suppressing for years, today it has a chance to release itself. And we all are wounded deep down. Afraid of pain. Afraid of rejection. We are not aware that by closing ourselves, we reject ourselves. And this is a day, today, when fearlessness will enter in your life. Are you ready to accept it? Are you ready to dance between pain and pleasure? Today is the day.

Dario Ples 16.5.2017.


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