Why does sex feels good?

Why do we have sex? And why do we all feel need for it? Of course it is natural instinct for survival. It is for continuation of the species. But why do we have such a strong desires and why does it feel good? Because, and lets be honest now, we humans are lazy unless we are motivated by something. If sex doesnt feel good and if it doesnt bring good feelings, no one would like to do it. We are lazy to do anything which doesnt feel good. If we are lazy to reproduce, then we would die as species. Nature alwayas takes care of itself. Life takes care of itself.

Dario Ples 29.5.2017.



  1. And why do sex feels so good šŸ˜Š??????

    Still waiting for the answer to this question…

    I know why I love ā¤ļø sex…,
    And I know why it makes me feel so damn gooood…

    tell me..

    Why does it feel good to you….!!!!?????


      1. You are still avoiding answering the question..

        It’s obviously šŸ™„ it’s not good for you..
        you maybe have never had that wonderful experience of sex..

        Every little thing on this earth šŸŒ mate..
        That’s the main attraction to the opposite sex…,

        It’s just the the food šŸ„˜ we eat..
        it’s essential to our well being…


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