We are isolating ourselves more and more

Yesterday I met my old friend. By accident. You would expect that when you havent seen someone for a while that you will go together and drink something. That you are going to talk. That both of you will be full of excitment and wanting to share what is going on in your life. And also willing to listen other person with great excitment. You would expect to spend at least 2 hours with person. Remembering the old memories, laughing, telling old jokes. You would expect to have a great time. But nothing of this didnt happen. Isnt that sad? Isnt sad that we have becomed so much a slaves of colleges, universities and jobs that we dont have time for each other? Is this life that we should strive for? Is this life that our ancenstors are bragging so much telling us that they have sacrificed themselves so that we can live this life? Really? But we dont question this. We believe this is the right way. It has to be. Everybody is following it. People are becoming prostitutes. Tell me that waking up everyday and carrying your body to work is not selling your body for money? And we feel ok with that. We feel ok being a prostitutes. Teachers, professors and bosses are nothing else but pimps. There is great difference when woman wants to have sex and when she is doing it for money. There is also a great difference when you go to work that you like and when you work just to make money.


So, me and my friend, (yeah, I put “me” first on purpose, because I am tired of rules and right ways), we exchange few words and he had to leave because he was in a hurry. When he left, I was standing and watching him disappearing. Just like from movie scenes. Hahaha. And then I saw two girls. They were doing something, some exercises. It seemed to be very interesting. I wanted to come to them and start a conversation to see what exactly they are doing and if they can show me. But then I realized, if I go there, it would feel like if I am interrupting their private time. They and all people around will probably think that I am flirting. The whole situation would look inappropriate. But all this got me thinking. Are we really free? We are interacting less and less with other people. Is this our modern civilization what we should be proud of? We make it inappropriate to have conversation with other people. I mean, it is just ridiculous. Hahaha. Funny and sad at the same time.

Dario Ples 5.6.2017.


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