Surviving dog attack

Today I went to the forrest to exercise. I am a big fan of outdoors. It is where I can feel alive. I can run, jump, exercise and discharge all the negative feelings that I get by spending time in civilization and being a civilized. I went to the one place, and last time when I was on that place, a two dogs attack me. So this time I realized I should have some plan if something similiar happens. So I start looking around to find a best trees that I could possibly climb very fast if dogs attack me. And I found some trees. And I literally start practicing to see how fast I can get there, so that I am ready. Then I realize, like, I need some weapons, I need some stones that I have to keep on trees, so that I can throw them on dogs. I made a whole plan. I felt like ninja. Then I stopped and I asked myself: Is there any normal human being in 21. century that is thinking about how to survive dog attack? Hahaha. It is crazy. But then I realize why I love myself and why I love life. Because for me life is really an adventure. I am spontaneous enough to enjoy life. It is really important to be able to enjoy yourself and to be a child again. I felt like, it is so good to be me. I am grateful that I am not bored with life.

Dario Ples 7.6.2017.


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