Educational system. Why I hate schools

Today everybody is complaining about educational system. The biggest problems are because there is so much theory and very little, in same cases even no practial practice. And then we wonder why our kids are depressed. We wonder why they dont like being in school. Second thing, school is not about expressing feelings but suppressing them. School is not about expanding minds and raising consciousness but it is rather about collecting informations.


I remember when I was in in high-school, I couldnt study. Everybody were wondering what is wrong with me. I hated school. I was so miserable. Spiritually, I was dead. When I quit college, I had to learn myself again how to be happy, how to enjoy, how to love, how to be human again. Because schools doesnt make you human. And I am so convinced about this that I would argue with you to the death. Human soul is born to be free, not to be trapped in schools, on jobs, or in military.


I read a lot. I read about science, philosophy, religion, psychology, but I also read fiction, novels and poetry. And when I read something that I like or when I study something that I like, I can read for hours. For hours. With such a deep and strong focus and concentration. I think about all this complex ideas. And the more I understand, the more I am excited to learn more. It is very strange that I love so much to learn and study, for the kid who in high-school couldnt concentrate and get a good mark. Now I see that problem is not in me, but in schools. And no one cant tell me that I am wrong because it is my experience.


And I am willing to go that far to say that schools are responsible for all young people that get addicted to drugs, drinking or making problems. All people that end up in jails, it is because of schools. (not in all cases of course). Human body, especially in high-school, starts growing and producing so much hormones. It is best period for physical activities and sports, but schools suppress all that. You have to sit four hours. And all this energies remain in body, it is not discharged, and then of course kids want to go party, drinking, being destructive, even doing crimes. They have to express their feelings in some way.


I dont want to say that schools didnt bring anything good, because they did. But I am sure that we can create better and smarter ways.

Dario Ples 7.6.2017.


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