Fighting bullies

I think that some of the biggest problems in lives of young kids are bullies. In schools there are many of them. You have to be aware of them because you dont want your child to be bullied by someone. It can seriously damage child psychological development. So it means it is a big problem. And child is damaged because he sees that he is helpless, that parent are helpless and that teachers are helpless. He will grow always feeling helpless and he will not be able to protect himself, his wife, his children and his property one day. And self-protection is human right. We have to be able to protect ourselves. Why should we suffer? So, my solution is to get that boy to learn martial arts. In a only few weeks of training he will become stronger, he will have confidence and he will be able to release all that anger. After few weeks he will be confident enough to stand up to that bully. I know some of you will say that violence is never an answer, but believe me, in this case it is. Once when you show that bully who you are, he will stop bullying you. It is solution. It is important to know how to protect ourselves. And believe me, bullies are not strong. Anybody with healthy self-esteem would never become bully. Deep down they are cowards. So they are looking for weaker boys to project power. Bullies are weak. You just need to push them a little and they will stop. Usually, only standing up to them is enough. Asserting yourself is enough. But if bully continues provoking, then feel free to punch him one or two times, or even better, make some wrestling moves on him. This is not violence and it not a crime. It is protection of yourself. Kids need to learn this. They dont have to suffer any mental or emotional abuse.

Dario Ples 7.6.2017.


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