Being creative is meaning and purpose of life

Being creative is purpose of life. Creativity sets you free. Creativity takes you out of your mind and it connects you with higher spirits. Creativity takes you away from always consuming and puts you in a place when you start creating. World no longer controls you, now you control the world. You no longer feel trapped in a cage, but you feel free like a bird. You can fly. Your mind, heart and soul gets a wings. You start exploring wilderness that is everywhere around. You feel totally outside of yourself, but at the same time, you have never felt more connected with yourself. Creativity is orgasm, it is explosion, it is release, it is enlightenment, it is intimacy, it is drinking from higher sources of satisfaction, it is happiness, it is joy, it is love, it is understanding, it is purpose of life, it is meaning of life, it is God. And God is the biggest creator. He started the whole thing. He created us on his image. The only sin in this world is not being creative. Go and taste this waters. They will satisfy your thirst.


P.S. Being creative is not just art. Every little thing what we do, we can do it more creatively.

Dario Ples 8.6.2017.


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