Balkan music and alcohol

Yesterday I was with my friend. Before we were always drinking together. We had that phase during high-school. Today we are a little bit more mature. At least I am. He is still behaving like before. Hahaha. So, we were great friends few years ago. But we were also listening a lot of Balkan music. And I mean like old Balkan music. Not this new stupid music. And I realized actually how powerful is that music. It is created for drinking. It is depressing music but at the same time it is joyful. It touches you emotionally and it really awakens your feelings, like really intense feelings. And the music is created in a such way that it allows you to express your feelings. It is very emotional. And then in combination with alcohol, you can imagine what happens. Now, I am totally against drinking and I dont drink myself but I just wanted to explain the power of Balkan music. Old music. Not new.

Dario Ples 10.6.2017.


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