We are doing crime to our children

Should kids drink or do drugs? Society doesnt allow kids to drink or do drugs. And I agree 100%, but, we should forbid some other things also. First, sugar and poor diet. Kids cannot develop best mental capacities with poor diet. And next thing that I would like to forbid is sitting in school for six hours a day. Well, but suffering doesnt end there, we should also study when we come back from school. This is totally unhealthy. We have build a system with totally wrong values. And when someone says this like me, I am immediately labeled as wrong. I am labeled almost like a dangerous person. I am labeled like crazy. But tell me, how sitting for six hours, listening to boring people talk about boring things, and then coming home and sitting for two more hours learning more about boring things, and then consuming so much sugar and junk food, how is that normal? Can someone please explain to me? I would like to hear where is common sense here? Where is logic here? It is a crime. It is a manipulation. How can we even let our children to go through this suffering? I am not against education. Education in my life is one of the highest priorities. But without health, education is useless.

Dario Ples 10.6.2017.


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