Education makes the difference

The main problem with people is because they are uneducated. I am not talking about schools and colleges, I am talking about spiritual, emotional and psychological education. You can see everywhere how much people are suffering. People want to communicate with others less and less. Why? Because they dont have anything to talk about. They are not expanding their minds and they dont have any ideas or insights to share. Most of the things they talk about is nonsense. Pure nonsense. And most of the time, they complain, thats all what they know. They are not thinking about God, about Universe, about secrets, about meaning, about inventions, about history, about future, about mankind. They only complain. Their minds are poor. This is why conversation with them is poor. It is a huge proble. This people that doesnt expand their minds with God, Universe, love, wisdom, they end up being terrorists, criminals, beggars on streets. Believe me, whoever gets the best education possible, (and again, I am not talking about schools) is going to be happy person and productive person, and it is going to contribute to the society. It is going to raise a family with real values. Education is the key. What we put in mind, is whate we get out.

Dario Ples 13.6.2017.


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