Why people fail in business

Why people fail in business? It is because of the motives of that person. Motives are usually anger, frustration and desperation. People are tired of having a boss, tired of 9-5 and tired of being finacial slaves. They accumulate a lots of negative emotions spending years and years working 9-5. Their ability to enjoy doing something is destroyed. They hate work. They dont want to work anymore. They start thinking about starting their own business. But reason behind that is frustration. They will fail because their focus is on themselves. Their focus is on their little frustrated self. You cannot accomplish anything by this attitude. What you have to do, is to remove focus from yourself and put it outside of yourself, on work, on activity and on other people. You cannot bring value to other people lives if your focus is primarily on yourself. No one has ever succeed being selfish. No one has ever succeed by thinking only about themselves. What can you do for other people? How can you help them? How can you serve them?

Dario Ples 15.6.2017.


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