Trauma with conversation. A healthy conversation

Conversation is very important. A healthy conversation. A lots of people carry an emotional trauma associated with conversation from childhood. They didnt have a harmonious conversation with their parents. They were judged when they would express their thoughts and feelings. A lots of anger accumulates. It is very hard to communicate with this people. It is not because they are shy or introverted, but because they see a conversation as a battle. They try to dominate and to have power in conversation. It is because when they were younger, they had always something to prove to their parents. There was a fight with words. But most important, their ideas and thoughts were judged.


While some people can just flow through conversation, other see it as a battle and they try to dominate conversation. It is a huge problem because without healthy and real conversation, you cannot have healthy and real relationship.


So, what to do? First of all, you have to become aware of this. Second thing, you need to realize that conversation is not a battle. Conversation can be a friendly exchange of thoughts. It is important that your thoughts are not ruled by anger and hatred, because it will manifest itself in ugly way. Next thing, they need to learn to be soft in conversation. Not to offend otrher person. They need to stop proving themselves through conversation.

Dario Ples 16.6.2017.


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