American movies vs. european movies

Last few years I didnt watch movies. As a kid, I was so deeply in love with movies. I was obsessed with them. Not just watching it for entertainment, but actually analyzing them. Trying to understand the director and actors and the way the movie is made, conversations between characters and many other things. Last few years I didnt watch movies. Simply because I felt they are waste of time. And they actually became boring. Lately I again have the desire to watch them. And you have to understand one thing, when I say movies, I mean american movies. But now, I have discovered european movies. When I was younger, I was thinking this movies are boring, but now I see that european movies are much more deep and meaningful than american movies. American movies are so unrealistic and they exist only for entertainment. I dont want to speak bad about american movies because I still love them. But it is very interesting because now I discovered that movies doesnt have to be awarded and have Oscars and be known by masses to be good.

Dario Ples 19.6.2017.


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