Future of artifical intelligence and robots

Lately I see a lot about artificial intelligence. It is very fascinating. There are already robots that look almost like humans and they behave like humans. They can learn, they can expand their intelligence and they are able to make decisions. I even saw that there is a robot that has spine like us and it can get tired like us and it needs rest. Many scientists claim that this robots one day will be even more intelligent than we are. But this artificial intelligence fascinates me so much. Is it really artificial or is it real? It must be that there is potential and humans only constructed it. Is this intelligence created by humans or by some higher source? Is it created by God? How can it exist? All this brings me back to the question: What is essence of our intelligence, of our source? It is fascinating that we actually created this robots that one day will be able to be more intelligent than us. We gave life to this machines. Are this robots actually a more evolved creatures than we are? Are they next step in evolution? Is one day world going to belong to them? Is this humans-robots relationship going to be similiar like humans-animals? The difference between animals and humans is that we humans have intelligence that we can expand, but also we have instincts, emotions, feelings, anger and mortal body like animals. Is this artificial intelligence actually a higher form of intelligence? Is it pure intelligence? Because robots dont have emotions, feelings, instincts and other animalistic qualities. Are we humans something that is between animals and robots? Is it possible that era of human dominance on planet is going to end? And I dont mean in a way that this robots are going to kill us or that they will be a threat to us. But slowly, step by step, maybe they will start building their own civilization. They will also have like doctors (or mechanics) that will repair other robots when they get broken. Then there will be robots who would be like politicians, they will make decisions about society, and maybe there will also be bad robots, like criminals… I mean, possibilities are endless. What will happen with humans? I dont know. We would probably still continue like always, not being able to understand this artificial intelligence just like how animals cannot understand us.


Before I was always against this things. And many people are probably afraid. But why to fight this if this is coming? Why to stop this step of evolution. Evolution of intelligence. We should embrace everything that is coming.


I just want to make it clear that I am not saying that all this would happen, this is more my fascination with what could be. One thing is clear, you and me, we will never be so long alive to see this. Sometimes I just want to live like millions of years, just to see what else will happen on this beatiful planet that is full of wonders.

Dario Ples 19.6.2017.


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