Escaping reality and numbing yourself

Yesterday I was in one park, alone. Sometimes I do this. I go alone. This is a huge park. While I was there, I was observing people. Everywhere you could see people staring at the screens of their phones, listening to music, drinking beer or smoking cigarettes. And of course, there are even some who smoke some other stuff. It was very interesting to see all this people that are trying to escape reality. And dont get me wrong, there is nothing bad with escaping, with hiding. We all need from time to time to retreat, to withdraw from battlefield, so that we are able to regain our power and strength. But why we are numbing ourselves with this phones, music, alcohol and cigarettes? Why cant we just sit for 30 minutes without this constant need to do something? Why cant we just leave this phones, drinks and cigarettes and actually sit with ourselves in peace? Why cant we sit stil and process everything that is happening inside of ourselves? Why we always run away from ourselves? Why we always distract ourselves? Why do we have to always chase something from outside? And I am not saying to become like Zen monks, I am all for being active in world. But, you have to have few moments when you are alone without  the outer influences, so that you get some insights of your inner world. You have to know yourself, you have to pay attention about what is happening inside of you. You have to find out what are your needs and desires. You have to find what motivates you. You have to find out what are your fears. Once when you start understanding how you are functioning, life will become beatiful journey. Once when you know your strengths and weaknesses, you will have more realistic approach to life. Once you are comfortable with yourself, you dont need to numb yourself anymore. In fact, you began to understand that it is harmful for you.

Dario Ples 20.6.2017.


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