Detachment. Being prepared for the worst

You have to be prepared for disappointments. You have to be detached from everything because disappointments will happen. And people are not ready for them. People live in fear of being disappointed. When you stop chasing superficial happiness, you start to see that you can be peaceful and content even in the worst situations. I am always practicing detachment and I am trying to create more and more psychological freedom for myself. I am clear with my destiny. I mean, with destiny of all of us. And that is, you cannot stop disappointments from happening. So, I always have plans what I would do if something happens, so, one day if something really happens, I will be ready. In this case, I cannot be disappointed. In my head, all the worst things have already happend. Let me give you some extreme examples:



Well, I can still exercise. I can exercise my arms, shoulders, chests, my upper body. I would get myself one of those old wheelchairs so that I have to use my arms as much as possible to move. I can still play sports. I can even become an athlete. I can read, I can write, I can draw, I can paint. I can do all kinds of creative things with my hands. I can play darts. I can still be creative. I can still nurture my relationships and enjoy people in my life. I can still have garden. I can still eat healthy foods, and it doesnt matter if I am an invalid, I can still be more healthy and strong than most people.



I would chek if they have left some unfinished things behind them and I would finish them. All this pain and grief I can turn into a poetry. I can write poems for them. I can express my sadness through art. Maybe I can make something for them. I can make a little room where I can put their pictures and some little things that represent them. And this room can become like a memory of that person. I can pray for them, for their souls. I can do things that I know it would make them happy. And I can be happy because they were part of my life.



I would go and volunteer. I would find an organization that helps other people and if they provide shelter and three meals a day, I am satisfied even with two, I would join them. I have shelter and I have food and I am helping and serving people. This is the highest nature of human being. You spend time with people in enviroment where people are friendly and not competetive like in this modern world. Even if I dont have a shelter, I can sleep in a tent somewhere in forrest. And if some animal attacks me and eats me, thats ok, thats fair, I am eating them my whole life. And food… I mean, it is very hard to die from hunger in 21. century. You can always get to the food.



I wouldnt go in it. No way. Why should I go and risk my life and kill other people in name of some stupid ideology? No, human life is so precious to me that I would never go to war. I would try to escape, hide, whatever to avoid it. But, if I cant, then I will let them to kill me. I cannot let someone else to be a master of my brain and my body. I cannot let someone else to make decisions for me. I am master of my life, and I am the owner of my mind and my body and I choose to do what I want. If they decide to kill me, thats fine, but I am not going in the war. If they need to kill me, I would try to do it in public, because then I will become a role model for all young people. Because we dont have to go to war to sacrifice our lives in the name of nation. We have right to disobey and to live our life with dignity. So, if they kill me, I will become hero and I will inspire many people to stop the wars, and this bad people that are starting the wars, I mean, Nature, Universe, God, Karma will punish them.


So, this are obviously some extreme examples. Maybe they even sound little morbid, but it is truth. The more we are prepared for disappointments, the more we enjoy the moment and the more grateful we become for even a little things in life. Detachment is something that we need to cultivate and develop. We need to be happy and content even in the worst situations.

Dario Ples 21.6.2017.


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