Creative process

Creative process. When you enter in this creative zone, it feels like heaven. All problems are far far away and you are filled with joy. Everything makes sense and your faith in life immediately increases. You are floating on a waves full of blissfulness. You are reaching the highest places on the sky, you are above the clouds. Your heart beats so happily and your whole body feels like under the influence of some electrical energy that makes you feel peaceful and content. But, it is not always like that. Before you enter in this heaven, you must first go through the hell. A hell full of frustration and darkness. This hell is inside of us and it is destructive process, but, this whole creative process is exchange of destruction and construction. Sometimes you have to destroy something to be able to create something new and something better. And this is the balancing law of life. One moment life feels like hell and next moment it feels like heaven. It is like tide and ebb tide. Real artist is aware of this process and this awarness makes him detached and he is contented in the worst and in the best moments of life. He is contented even in the lowest and even in the highest moments of pain and pleasure. Real artist is aware of all this exchanges. He is aware of this paradox. He is a saint and a sinner at the same time. This contradictions makes him to be a whole person. He is not neurotic. He is peaceful because he is not in a fight with himself. Real artist is someone who has discovered the art of living. He is flowing through life experiencing good and bad things with detachment, because he knows that to live fully, you need to accept life fully.

Dario Ples 26.6.2017.


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