Alcohol is bad

Alcohol is bad, it doesnt matter what they tell you. Alcohol is always presented like a fun thing. What is fun about being drunk? If getting drunk makes you happy, then I feel very sorry for you. It is a clear sign to me that you live very poor life. Many religions forbid alcohol because it is killing you spiritually. I cannot even imagine what is like to be someone who is drinking whole life every day. I cannot even begin to imagine how they feel inside. Waking up every day feeling bad about themselves, not having money, not having any meanigful relationships, not having future and not having clear head. Pain that they feel inside, oh my God, I dont even want to imagine. Life full of regrets. They are not elvating their life.


I remember when I was in high-school. First of all, I hated school. So, I was forced to go to the place that I didnt like. I was drinking with my friends every weekend and I was eating very poor and unclean diet, and a big percentage of time I spent staring at the screen. I remember how unhappy I was. I was waking up hating myself and my life. Alcohol makes you depressed, period. When I see how many young people are drinking, I feel sorry for them. They are not aware what they are doing to themselves. But what to do? We cannot make it ilegal, because people would still drink and there will be an increase of organized crime. The problem is that alcohol is available everywhere. Even when I was writing this post, I looked through the window and I saw a big truck that distributes alcohol. And the thing that they forbid people under 18 to buy alcohol is also not a solution, because it makes it more attractive. Kids are like waiting to turn 18 to try this what they have been forbidden their whole life. They want to see what is this. We all want things that we cant have and that are forbidden. So when we get the chance to try it or to have it, we immediately grab this thing. And some people even say there are health benefits  to drinking alcohol. I cannot say this is not true, but believe me, alcohol takes away from you more than it gives you. It destroys you. And some people say it is okay to drink a glass of something from time to time. I agree, one glass from time to time is not going to kill you and destroy you, but where is limit? How do we know when enough is enough? And there are some beverages that contains some herbs that are healthy. I mean, why they dont make non-alcoholic drinks that contains this same herbs? (maybe they exist, but I dont know about it) And another thing. We should forbid drinking alcohol on a public places, in caffee bars, nightclubs and so on. You are free human being so we cannot stop you from drinking. But drink at your home, dont drink in public places. And I dont understand how government approves nightclubs and selling alcohol. They know how much trouble it will make. Then people are shocked when someone is murdered, when boys gets in fight, when someone is sexually raped, people are shocked. There is nothing fun about this partyies. They are extremly destructive. And the last thing. We need to learn people how to be happy and satisfied. When you are happy, you have no desire for alcohol and drugs. But the more unhappy you are with your life, a desire for alcohol and drugs immediately increases.

Dario Ples 30.6.2017.


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