Avoid arrogant manipulative women

While I was walking through the park, I saw one man and one woman sitting on the bench. In that moment I realized how most of men are so miserable and they are lacking direction and purpose in their life. First of all, this woman is sitting like she had conquer the whole world. Her body language is full of arrogance. She is looking at him and not moving focus from him. It is clear that she is trying to intimidate him. And he is trying too hard to explain something to her. His attitude is, yes mistress. And I asked myself: Why? Why we always chase women like this? Why we always choose this manipulative, provoking women? They tend to promise lot of pleasure. And they are looking for weak men. Because they cant handle a strong men who have identity. They cant control him. Every man that has some respect for himself will avoid this women. They are killing you. They are sucking life out of you. And then people are confused, why some men just have sex with women and then they leave them. Because they dont want to have those vampires in their life. They dont want someone who is constantly going to steal their happiness. Men are changing women because they cannot find a supporting and nurturing woman. They cannot find a life partner. And this arrogant women are not your partners, they are your enemis. They dont want to see you happy, they dont want to raise a happy family, they dont want to see you successful, they only want to control, manipulate you. Believe me, every man that meets a loving, nurturing and supportive woman, will immediately want her and only her. He will immediately stop looking for other women. He will stop poisoning himself when he finds a good one. And I am not talking about soul mates and some fairy tales where everything is perfect and love blossoms and garden is full of beautifull flowers and butterflies. I am talking about meeting between two healthy, emotionally balanced individuals. Woman need to developed noble feelings in herself. And it is not that we men are victims, no. Both genders are victims. Women should avoid men that doesnt know what they want and men should avoid manipulative women.

Dario Ples 27.6.2017.


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