Introversion vs. extroversion

Introversion vs. extroversion. Which one is more important? You have to understand that this is a coin with two sides. Both sides are equally important. This is the balance that you need to learn. If you are too introverted, you will end up in isolation which is emotionally very unhealthy. If you are too extroverted, you will lose self and you will lose the sense of who you are and you will be lacking creative ideas. I have experienced both sides of extremes. Today I am much more balanced. Every day I have few hours for myself when I am completely alone and I have few hours of being with people. And I love both sides of coin. Many people that know me, knows that I am extroverted. And I am when I am with someone. But whoever spends longer time with me, will realize that all of sudden I get quiet and I look like I am not present anymore. On the other hand, when some people meet me while I am introverted, they think I am quiet, shy, that I dont have so much to say. .. Until I start talking and socializing. This two different qualities were confusing me so much. I didnt know who I am. Am I this extroverted person, or am I this introverted person? What is my real face? Later I found out that I am both. I stopped defining myself. Both sides are important for psychological well-being. And I can switch myself from one side to another in just few seconds. Thats very important to be able to change by how situation demands from you. When I see that I am not in the mood, then I start withdrawing in my own world to recharge batteries. And when I start feeling full of energy, I take down my shield and I go and I start socializing. But also you have to be very aware of situations and you have to know when to speak and when to remain quiet.


Dont ever label yourself as an extrovert or introvert, You are both and you need to develop both parts of yourself to feel like a complete person.

Dario Ples 30.6.2017.


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