Tips for productivity

How to have productive days? I have few things that are a must for me. First thing, you have to start early. What does it mean early? It doesnt mean necessary to wake up before Sun. It is okay even to wake up at 8, 9 or even 10. And you dont have to immediately jump out of bed and be ready for action. The point is that you need start being active early in the day. You cannot waste half of day and then start. Your productivity will not be at the same level like if you would start earlier. So, you need to start early. Next rule that I follow is diet. No sugar and no filling up myself with food. Next thing is, exercise. I have to exercise if I want my mind and body to work at the maximum level. And last thing, no staring at the screen. No using my phone, my computer, television or anything. I found out that if I stare at the screen, I start feeling little ungrounded and my mind is too much stimulated. And I even saw a study that shows that using your phone more 30 minutes, it makes you depressed. I would also like here to include reading newspapers and books. Dont read it. But the question is, then, when to read and when to use technology. And my solution is to be active the whole day, to be productive, and then in the evening, when I have done everything that I had to do, I have time to read, to search internet, to use my phone, my computer, but also to listen music. I love music so much, but if I am listening it during the day, it also makes me ungrounded and it kills my productivity. And some people say that using technology before bed makes it harder for yout to fall asleep. And I agree, I noticed a big difference when I go to sleep if didnt use technology and when I go to sleep when I did use it. But I find out that if you eat right and clean, if you exercise and it you channel your energy in the productive things, job, work, projects, hobbies and also relationships, you will be exhausted and you will fall asleep very easily. Whenever you are satisfied with your life, you will be able to sleep like baby, like lion. And I like technology and I like internet, but is is very important to learn how to use it because otherwise, it will use us.

Dario Ples 30.6.2017.


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