New movies are so shallow and superficial

Yesterday I was in cinema. I am not going to tell which movie I was watching but, all I can say is that I am shocked. This new movies are offending human intelligence. They are so superficial. They are so fake. This is not an art. This is just spending money to make movie to look good. They are just like everything else in this modern society. Women, men, friendships, jobs,… They all look very attractive from outside, but inside, when you see what is inside, you want to puke. Everything is so shallow, so superficial. And this movies are the same. People in cinema eating all this unhealthy foods and drinking soda. After watching this movie, I felt retarded. I felt depressed. You cant live a meaningful life watching this movies, eating this foods and constantly watching your phone. People are wasting their life so much that it hurts me. It hurts me to see how much humanity is suffering. We have everything, we could create paradise on this planet so easily. We could be happy. We have opportunity, but we are wasting this precious time on things that dont matter.

Dario Ples 3.7.2017.


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