Always be fascinated

One thing that I found to be most beneficial for my well-being, is constant fascination. You have to be fascinated about things and people around you all the time. If you are not fascinated and if you are not trying to understand, then you immediately start to judge and complain. Be fascinated. Life is so rich and so full of mysteries. Child is always fascinated. And child is always so gracious. They look heavenly. Because they are exploring the world around them all the time. The problem comes when child gets in school. This is the period where fascination stops. Life starts to seem like a serious thing, like a problem that child needs to solve. If he doesnt do well, he will end up on the street without money, without food and without friends. They scare a child about this life. They make him afraid. For the child is impossible to be fascinated anymore about this world, because this world starts to look like a cold enemy that he needs to fight in order to survive. His head becomes full of anxieties, and fascination is far far away.

Dario Ples 4.7.2017.


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