Discipline, hard work, results, vision

Discipline is everything. Discipline is a key for abundance and good life. And also for a good emotional health. You are taking your emotions and you are directing them into the work, exercise, study or whatever activity you decided to do. Discipline is mastery of your thoughts, mind, emotions and your body. All the people that are spiritually and emotionally unhealthy are not disciplined. Discipline makes you understand that external forces dont have so much power over you. And the best thing about discipline are results. When you see a results of your effort, deeds and commitment, you become certain of your skills and power. You have a realistic picture about what you can and what you cant do. The more discipline grows, the more your vision also grows. You understand better what is possible. You realize that you have some power and control over your life. And then you start saying to yourself, if I can do this, then I can also quit smoking, I can quit drinking and using drugs, I can quit hanging out with wrong people, I can lose weight, I can start exercise, I can become more healthy, I can finish college, I can learn a language, I can make more money, I can become a millionaire, I can become a billionaire, I can be financialy free, I can start my own business… The more disiplined you become, you start realizing what is possible. And in the end, it is not just hard work, it is also a smart work. Work hard but also work smart. Choose your disciplines carefully, and dont forget to have fun, to relax and to enjoy. And the more you are disciplined, the more you enjoy when you have free time. You appreciate it better.

Dario Ples 6.7.2017.


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