Take control over your mind and heart

It is very important to take a control over your mind and heart. It is your mind and heart. Dont give it to your boss, to priest, to husband, to wife, to parents,… It is your mind and your heart. Let other people to influence you, but dont let them to control you. When someone influences you, it is beautiful. They have enriched you by their hearts and their minds. But when someone is controling you, thats ugly. Very ugly. No one is more intelligent than you are when it comes to your life. President, prime minister, priest, professor, they dont know what is good for you. We all have different life paths. It is important that we are walking our path. On this journey, our path often gets mixed with another paths of other people just like you. Let them to influence you, let them to teach you something, let them to show you what they know, but dont change your path. You have to walk on your path. This is the way that life chooses for you and you need it to obey.

Dario Ples 4.7.2017.


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