How to write?

How to write? This is very complex question, and no answer is possible. I would say it is something that grows within you. It is something that you need to practice and develop. And to write, you have to have fun while you are doing it. Your serious attitude is not going to help you. The problem is when you try to be a good writer. Do you really think you can become one? Lets face it. Through the history and now, there has been a billions and billions writers. You really think you can compete? You want to be better? It is important to understand your illusions about writing. Writing is all about your imperfection. It is acceptance of your human flaws and rejoicing in them. It is doing something where you dont know how the outcome is going to be. It is risk. Here you have a chance to build a character. Are you willing to stick with something that you are not sure is it going to be success or failure? This is a real detachment. It is very easy to be enthusiastic when you know that something is going to bring a good results. But real character is built in a situations when you dont know the answer. Many writers have try many times to write, but they failed, until they decide they will write. I remember the first time I was trying to write. I was looking at the paper, didnt know where to start. I was thinking about every word. Every word needs to be perfect. The first time I tried, I already wanted to create a masterpiece. And I was so frustrated and afraid because I didnt like what I was writing. Then I give up a desire to be perfect, and writing became something that I enjoy. It is like walking and talking. How to walk? You just need to walk. You cannot think about every step that you are going to do. You cannot think about every step is it perfect. It is so ridiculous. It is the same with writing. You dont think how to write, you write.


P.S. I am writing my first fiction book, which I never believe I will be able to do. I found it very interesting. I enjoy expressing myself and writing fiction is chance to express myself more fully than writing a blog or non-fiction.

Dario Ples, 7.7.2017.



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