Fighting with mafia

First of all, dont fight with mafia. Hahaha. Avoid it at any cost. Be submissive. Be humble. Dont create troubles for yourself. I think you are aware that your life depends on it.

But what to do when things gets too far? When they start threatening you and bullying you? But not just you, when they decide to threat you with your family, children? What to do?

Man, this one is very tricky. It will take a lots of courage from you. You have no other option then to fight back. Be bold. Go to police. Police probably wont do anything. It is so sad because their mission should be to make us feel safe. Even if they offer you some form of protection for you and your family, dont accept it. You dont want to live in protection. You want to walk freely and safely on streets not always thinking if someone is observing you or stalking you. You dont want to live with this constant fear.

Go to military police, to special police, to army, go to special police in other countries. Involve governments, politicians, involve armies from many countries, make a scandal, a big public scandal, get attention, find people, get weapons if you have to, and go and fight.

This is a one way. Another way is to fight secretly. Make a plan how to attack them. Get weapons if you need. When you are fighting for your life, you get tremendeuos courage.

And finally, the best advice I can give you is: Avoid it! Hahaha.

Dario Ples, 8.7.2017.


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