Terrorism, fanatism and spirit

Yesterday I had a conversation with some of my friends, and we get to topic of terrorism. We mention all this young people that are killing themselves. I know they all are manipulated and they have been given all this promises that if they kill other people, they will be rewarded in heaven. Hahaha.

And then my friend told me that they are telling young men that in heaven they will have a many virgin girls waiting for them. Hahahaha!

It is ridiculous. Virgin girls are not reward. Experienced women should be reward hahaha. They can give you a pleasure. Hahahaha. What can a virgin girl do?

Anyway, it is clear that I am joking.

My point is something else. The problem with people is because they believe this will make them happy. They believe that women or whatever is promised to them will make them happy.

No, women, alcohol, material things cannot be a solution for spiritual problems. You have to search for truth, you have to develop your brain and you have to learn how to think. You have to see with your eyes.

And you have to find a meaning in life. Right now. Not after you are dead. Now is time and opportunity. This is why we are born. To learn about ourselves and our source. Spirit can only recognize itself through the body, because body is limit. Spirit without body cannot know itself because it doesnt have any limit. But in physical body, spirit can recognize that it is not a body. Spirit can recognize that its source is seperated from body.

Dario Ples, 8.7.2017.


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