Carlos Castaneda

Carlos Castaneda was very fascinating person. I didnt read all his books, I only read few parts of each book, so I cannot make clear judgment if his books are truth or lies. I think that most things that he wrote is a lie.

He was using a lots of drugs, so it is very hard to know what is reality and what is his imagination.

Was he insane? I dont think he was insane, I only think he was too much alienated.

Anyway, his power as author and as writer is unquestionable.

I remember in his first book “Teachings of Don Juan” when he describes his first experience with peyote, it was such a powerful expression. I mean on the part where he was describing how he was playing with dog. Very powerful.

(I looked at the dog and his mane was like mine. A supreme happiness filled my whole body, and we ran together toward a sort of yellow warmth that came from some indefinite place. And there we played. We played and wrestled until I knew his wishes and he knew mine. We took turns manipulating each other in the fashion of a puppet show. I could make him move his legs by twisting my toes, and every time he nodded his head I felt an irresistible impulse to jump. But his most impish act was to make me scratch my head with my foot while I sat; he did it by flapping his ears from side to side. This action was to me utterly, unbearably funny. Such a touch of grace and irony; such mastery, I thought. The euphoria that possessed me was indescribable. I laughed until it was almost impossible to breathe.)

Again, I am sure there is a lot more, maybe even better moments, but I didnt read everything from him.

And his magical passes are really magical. It is similiar to tai chi. Movements that puts your mind and body in meditative state. It stops inner dialogue and it provides your mind with silence.

And then his quotes about death, about becoming a warrior, and becoming a man of knowledge, are so enlightening.

Dario Ples, 11.7.2017.


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