Summer and human character

Summers and winters are excellent opportunities for showing a real character of person.

It is amazing to see how people get frustrated so easy. Specially now when is summer. People are complaining, moaning, they are angry, they dont want to do anything…

For me it looks like suffering. If you go in a public places, you will see people behaving like children. And when you talk with someone, they are only going to complain how hot it is.

So what? Simply because it is hot you are going to stop everything in your life? And if they go somewhere, they cant leave a house without bottle of water or something.

This comfort is killing us. And the best thing is that our bodies are made to whitstand extreme temperatures. But we need to practice it, we need to develop it.

But it is very hard to do it when you eat poor and unhealthy food and when you stare the whole day at the screen.

People are so lazy. And then they wonder when they are unhappy. Laziness=unhappiness.

Dario Ples, 10.7.2017.


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