Who is Dario Ples? (who am I?)

NAME: Dario Ples


BIRTH DATE: 16.10.1995. (1:20 pm, 13:20 for everybody that wants to see my natal chart)


BIRTHPLACE: Zagreb, Croatia (I was born in a place that is between villiages and city, which makes my childhood very rich because I experienced benefits from both sides and I understand the value of both ways of living.)


EDUCATION: Finish first 8 grades as a best student, went to gymnasium, there I was worst student and then I went on college for one year and then I quit. I was studying about food producing. College and educational system didnt make sense for me and it left me with traumas because of so much repression and lack of interest in subjects that I had to study. Now I am self-educated person and never have been more happier.


JOBS: I was working in:

storehouse where I was putting declarations on products,

call center doing telemarketing (I was best sales person and I became a team leader),

call center selling educational materials about laws for corporations,

shop that sells technology (phones, computers, laptops) and telemarketing,

mlm (not saying which company haha),

personal trainer (on my own I was traing my clients)


RELIGION: I am a baha’i. I was born a catholic, and I was a big believer as a child. At one point I even wanted to become a priest. Later I become an atheist. And then when I was 18, I started my search for truth and meaning, so I start exploring a lots of religions, philosophies (I like nihilsm), science, shamanism, and even a satanism… Now I am baha’i. Let me share with you some of my favorite quotes:


“It is not for him to pride himself who loveth his own country, but rather for him who loveth the whole world. The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens.”


“Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit there from.”


“Let your vision be world embracing rather than confined to your own self.”


“Religion without science is superstition. Science without religion is materialism.”


SPORTS: I was training:

swimming (7 years)

wrestling (2 years)

savate box (6 months)

tai-chi (1 month)

gymnastics (1 month)


I love sports and I love physical activity. I believe that if you want to stay psychologically normal and emotionally healthy, you have to exercise.

Now, lately I am doing a lots of calisthenics, parkour, cardio, strength, stretching, yoga and tai-chi.


DIET: I eat everything. I avoid sugar. I eat meat. And I am fasting almost every day for 16 hours.


DRUGS: I am against it. Psychedelics are interesting. (weed, mushrooms, ayahuasca…) I have only smoked weed few times and when I was high, I had very deep and profound insights in my life. It was very reflective. Now, I am against using drugs for fun, but if we do it with purpose, it can be incredibly beneficial. I think everyone should use it once or twice in their life simply to get a feeling what drugs can actually provide for you, to get some insights and understanding, and to get to know your unconsciousness. But I am against when someone is using it constantly. We should learn to meditate naturally, to reflect and to come to conclusions without substances.

I am against alcohol. It is not fun thing. It is killer.

I am against medicines, except when you really, but REALLY need.


BOOKS: I like to read books about religions, spirituallity, psychology, astrology, science, occult, and anything that can provide me some insights in human nature. I also read fiction books, I read poetry, I read comics (american and italian), I read chik lit (haha I am serious). I like good book.


MOVIES: I like documentaries, comedies, romantic comedies, horrors, thrillers, dramas, sometimes even action movies. But most of all, I love movies with powerful message.


MUSIC: Everything that I like. Really I listen all kinds of music genres. But I prefer hip hop. Old one, not new.


POLITICS: I dont understand them. I am satisfied with current situation in Croatia. Here is democracy. Most people complain but I am happy. I have freedom. We have freedom of races, religions, we have internet and we just need to enjoy everything we have, but people tend to complain a lot. As a baha’is, we also have our administrative order which is very good solution. Another thing that I found to be okay is anarchy. And I dont mean anything connected with terrorism, I simply mean if few people decide to live separeted in tribes from everybody else with their own rules. I am for that as long as their rules dont hurt anyone.


MONEY: Money is neutral thing. I would love one day to be financialy free and to have some extra money so simply that I dont have to worry about it. And I know that money would open a lots of doors. But I would never want to be a slave of it, and slave of consuming and materialism. I belive that people with a lot of money can do wonders on this planet and I for sure want to be one of them.


WHAT I LIKE: I like everything that uplifts human nature. Religion, science, philosophy, arts, crafts, sports, work, family, friendhips, alone time, studying, reading, creating, writing, working in garden, having a vision, fun, enterntainment, romance, good food, nature, spending time outdoors, watching stars, dreaming, discipline, active lifestyle, traveling, making deep connections with other people, being supportive, learning, running, exercising, singing (but others dont like when I sing), playing instrument, dancing, drawing, painting, organizing projects, influencing people, laughing, smiling, being a human being.



WHAT I DONT LIKE: wars, terrorism, dogmas, fanatism, unjustice, alcohol, drugs, sugar, 9-5, educational system (it needs to be more flexible), when other people suffer, fear, materialism, complaining, laziness.


WHAT IS MY MISSION: I would like that my writing inspires other people. I hope that my insights would help other people. I am also writing my first fiction book. I hope that my writing career will last long. My mission is also to become more healthy, more educated, more experienced, to be good friend, to create good future, to enjoy life, to love with my whole heart, to live every moment meaningfully, to touch as many hearts as possible and to touch YOUR HEART !!!


FOR YOU: Thank you for visiting this. Thank you for investing your time to read my blog. Feel free to contact me. I appreciate you.

Dario Ples, 11.7.2017.








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