Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

Who ever follows MMA, UFC or any fighting sport, probably knows that these days there is a lot of noise about Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. And the reason is obvious why. Both of them are great fighters. Floyd is undefeatable, Conor has few losses. Can Conor McGregor stop Floyd Mayweather from winning always?

First when I saw their World Tour and their conferences, I thought to myself what a waste of time and energy for both of them. They had to go there trying to prove something, trying to intimidate (which btw is not working for any of them because they both are very head-strong), all that is useless beacuse in the end only thing that matters is actual fight. This way they invest too much emotions verbally which can be very beneficial in fight because it can fuel them, but also they can lose clear head and all this will steal their focus and then whole fight will be uninteresting. They invest too much of ego so, in the fight, there is possibility that they will try to prove something. Fight can very easily turn into egoistical fight instead to beautiful combination of fighting skills.

If that is a case, I would give an advantage to Floyd because I think he can get more focused and clear headed, while Conor is sometimes trying too much to always look cool. Floyd is also more dominant, while McGregor is more agressive and more trying not to look weak.

But anyway, I am completely neutral.

I understand that their tour and their conferences are here only for entertainment and that they want to get more people hooked in, and also to make more money. Which I respect. It is business and I completely approve. I just want to make a point that this conferences are unrealistic, they cannot show us anything. They are here only to entertain us, which is fine.

Anyway, fight is on August 26.

Dario Ples, 14.7.2017.



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