He is a slave of materialism. Dont buy things you cant afford.

Let me give you an example of my friend how people can easily became a slave of materialism.

My attempt is not to offend him or to offend someone in similiar situation. I just want to share my views which can be helpful to someone.

He is 30. Actually these days he is going to celebrate his birthday. Round number. Anyway, to give you few inforamtions about him. He is a big, big, big materialist. Starting with clothes, with his images, he goes on a places where only “elite” people are coming. You will never see him at the local caffe bar.

Outside, he is good-looking, he looks successul, he looks like someone that you would like to be. But if you take a closer look, if you put him under the microscope, you will see a different person. He is lonely. He doesnt have any real friends, he didnt have a girlfriend for years, he doesnt have any meaningful connections with other human beings, and he works a job that he hates. His co-workers mock him all the time. They are bullying him emotionally. And he doesnt have money, he only looks like he has. And on top of that, he is 30, lonely, without plan, without direction, without purpose. He never laughs, forever complains and is always dissatisfied. There is no life and vitality in him.

Two years ago, he bought BMW with money from bank. And of course, he is till paying it off and it will continue for next few years. And I know purpose why he did it. He wanted to raise his social status and to attract women. Two years later, he still doesnt have friends, doesnt have woman, and is more miserable than ever.

Every time I see him, he complains how he is unhappy on job, how he cant find woman and he is constantly saying that it is women fault, that today dont exist good women any more.

I asked him, if he doesnt like his job, why he dont change it. And he told me because money is good. (Which in fact is not true, it is average salary.) And he said he cannot quit job because he need to pay off car. I asked him, if he sells car, can he pay off the whole debt. And he says yes, but he cant do that because he needs a car.

Yes, you need a car, not BMW that you cant afford.

Dont get me wrong, I am a fan of BMW. I think BMW is monster amongst the cars.

I suggested to him, look, you have BMW for two years, and nothing has changed. You are still not happy. Sell BMW, pay off debt and quit your job and find another job, a job that you will actually enjoy doing it, and dont focus on salary.

And he attacked me for being too much hippie. He always trys to put me down because he is 8 years older than me, and then he always says you are still too young, you dont know what life is.

Maybe I dont know, but I know how miserable person looks like.

People are doing same mistakes over and over again. They never question themselves. So much suffering in human hearts.

Dario Ples, 14.7.2017.




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