How to prevent dangers and accidents in parkour?

Parkour. You got to love parkour. Freedom in movement. Excitment. Facing fears. Courage. Danger. Discipline. A feeling of feeling like a super-hero. Man, I got only one word, parkour. Parkour.

I started very early. Even as a child I was always looking where I can climb, where I can jump, I was always looking for courage inside of myself.

Later, when I was little older, I stop doing it. School, too many obligations, friends and so on. I lost my momentum totally. Last few months I am coming back little by little. In reality, you need like a week or two to come back, but right now parkour is not my priority in life so it goes little slower.

Now when I am coming back, I am facing a lots of resistance. One thought that is on my mind constantly is: life is so precious. It is not worth it to risk it. And I am thinking like, sooner or later, I will probably have some accident. It happens to everyone. Why to risk?

Yesterday I decided to make some progress. I mean, why we have certain talents, abilities and skills if we are not using them.

Yesterday I make few dangerous jumps. And that feeling, oh my God, it is such a powerful feeling. Everything stops, life stops, mind stops, silence, your body is in air, no worries, no problems. I dont know which part I like most. That moment before you jump, that second when you push yourself. That moment when you decide confidently to do it. And then you are in the air. That moment of flying. In that second something magical happens. And then next moment is filled with happiness because you made it. You survived it.

After few jumps, I started feeling more relaxed and more confident. Then I start doing even more dangerous jumps.

But still, I love myself and I love my life, so I thought to myself, what is the best way to prevent accidents?

Of course, you cannot do anything to be sure 100% but I realized that most accidents happens when you get in flow, when you become too confident. When you are scared, you are more careful, you are more alert. When you get in flow, you lose your alertness. Believe me, you dont want to become too confident. Then you overrate your own abilities. You always want to remain a little hesitant. And you can still get in a flow, you can still have this amazing feeling of freedom, but, awarness comes first. You are just more careful.

Think about danger. Before you do something, stop, analyze the situation, and then when you are aware what can happen, you can make more professional jumps and moves. Dont just go jumping around without thinking what can happen. You want to have a little tension so that you dont become so free that it comes to the point that you stop being careful. Take calculated risks!

My dear jumpers, free-runners, acrobats, lovers of extreme sports, I wish you a nice day filled with intense extreme feelings.

Dario Ples 15.7.2017.


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