Let yourself to fall – poetry

  • I found myself in a trap
  • Like a little mouse
  • I was running around
  • Looking for escape.


  • I knocked on many doors,
  • But not even one is opening.
  • I looked and I search,
  • And I was completely exhausted.


  • I fight, I wanted to survive,
  • Is it time to give up, is it time to die?
  • What is the point of fighting?


  • In that moment, I started falling,
  • I was falling and falling…
  • Desperately, I catch one branch.
  • And now I am hanging there,
  • Still wanting to fight, still wanting to survive.


  • And then I heard voice:
  • Let yourself fall! Fall down!
  • And I did, I let go of branch
  • And I let myself to fall.


  • When I hit the ground,
  • I looked around,
  • And I find a freedom.

Dario Ples, 17.7.2017.


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