Protect yourself and others from bullies

One thing that I am passionate about are bullies. Actually fighting bullies, standing up to one, and protecting not only myself but also weaker people around me. It is our human right. I cant believe how people even give themselves a permission to bully someone. It is the lowest part of human nature. Hurting other human being emotionally, verbally, physically, killing their dreams… It makes me so angry.

Growing up in a place that is a little bit outside of city (Zagreb), everyday I had to take a bus to go to school. Because this bus connects my place with city, it was always full of people. Taking this bus for many years, many times I had experience strange people coming in the bus and bullying other people. They would come, try to intimidate, verbally abuse and so on…

There was one guy, he was aound 50. He looked a little scary and always seemed to be drunk. Whenever he would come in the bus, he would try to intimidate young boys like myself. And once he did it with me, he put me in a very uncomfortable situation. And I remember how scared I was to stand up to this older drunk person.

Today, after long time, I saw him entering in the bus and I got excited, my fists were ready to punch him, to stop him from emotionally bullying people. But I remain relaxed. I decided just to observe him to see if he is going to bully someone. And I can say that today was his lucky day because he didnt do anything.

And today I decided that whenever I see someone bullying someone, I will interfere. I will warn this person to not do this and that I will call police because he is disturbing people emotionally and psychologically. And I would invite everyone to do this. Lets stop this violence.

My brother is 14 now and this year he is starting with high-school so he will start using buses and trains. And I cant imagine that some old drunk loser comes to him and hurts him in verbal way or makes him uncomfortable. I am ready to make this person life worse.

This non-sense needs to stop. Most people just ignore this situations. This needs to stop, this madness.

Dario Ples, 18.7.2017.



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