See you in six days

Hey my dear friends. I just want to share with you that next six days I will be at my grandparents house in one small village and I will not have computer so I wont be able to publish any posts.

Thank you all that are following me and reading my posts. I appreciate everyone that invests time in this.

So, next six days I will be in this village. The whole village has only 4 residents. 2 of them are my grandparents. It is on a one little hill and it is in nature. Very romantic place if you love small old wooden houses, hills and nature. Everywhere are forests and there is even one source of clean water for drinking.

So, what I will be doing there. I will work in garden, exercise, explore forests, swim in the river, read books, write my book, and chill and relax, reflect, meditate about my life, create new visions, set some new goals, enjoy fresh air and nature and I am sure that I will come back as a new and transformed person.

So, more from me in a six days. Be good!

Dario Ples 18.7.2017.




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