Can animals change their lives?

There is a one dog in my street. He gots an owner but he is on street all the time. Many neighbours are feeding him, so the whole day he is eating. And he is fat, so fat. He is fat so much that he cant run. When he sees cat, and he is seeing them all time because my neighbourhood is full of cats and dogs, he tries to catch cat but he runs only few meters before he exhaust himself. And it is not speed of dog, he is so slow. I think he never catch cat in his life. Maybe when he wasnt so fat.

Observing him suffering, I thought to myself, can he become aware that he is fat? Can he realize that all this weight makes him dysfunctional? Can he decide to eat less? In other words, does he has an ability to change his life? Can animals do that?

I dont know any example, there are probably some. If you know any case or example when animal has decided to lose weight or to quit something destructive, please let me know. 🙂

Dario Ples, 28.7.2017.


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