Comedies and sitcoms are more realistic than serious movies

When I see all this new movies and TV series, I want to puke. I am serious. This is not just a phrase, I really want to puke. I cant believe how massively stupid movies are being made. I have to admit, they all look very attractive. So attractive that you dont know which one to watch first. You want to watch them all at once. And then when you finally choose one, after only few minutes you realize how bad movie is. And the problem is because they are so unrealistic.

Comedies and sitcoms are much more realistic. Because they dont try to be realistic. Characters in sitcoms and comedies are much more human. They all are characters full of flaws, errors and imperfection. They are full of weaknesses. There are no traits of superiority.

When you watch this “serious” , “realistic” movies, characters are always superior, without flaws, without weaknesses, they are highly moral and they are too serious. They always fight against something evil. They are ready to sacrifice their lives for country, for some ideals. They are always in some rush, in some problems, they always worry. Always something is going wrong and then they fight to change it. Characters are shown like perfect examples of human beings. It makes me sick. It makes me want to go and puke. I can see how this movies give totally unrealistic perception of life.

Comedies and sitcoms are much more realistic because when you watch them, you know they are not real. You dont take them serious. You dont expect them to be serious. A comedie with aliens and monsters is more realistic than any serious movie.

This movies are poisoning minds of generations and generations.

Dario Ples, 28.7.2017.



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